what is moo-moo’s hot mix?

Moo-Moo’s hot mix is everything, and it’s nothing. It’s something nonsensical, and it’s something wonderful.

Not into elusive flowery language? Okay.

In southern New Jersey, I was browsing at a thrift shop. I saw a blank CD – the kind you bought in packs of 25 or 50 to burn music to – in a tangerine jewel case, with MOO-MOO’S HOT MIX written in sharpie across the CD in all caps. It was 50 cents to purchase. How could I resist?

While I don’t remember the contents of the mix (I mayyyy have lost the CD. Yikes! Still looking), the spirit of Moo-Moo lives on with this hand-picked selection of songs for you.

Thanks Moo-Moo, whoever you are. đź–¤

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